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cala dei balcani santa cesarea terme

Cala dei Balcani is the only vertical venue in Salento for spouses who want a panoramic, dynamic and surprising wedding, directly on the sea of Santa Cesarea Terme
The wedding reception quite often is only one of the available services and it must live together with all that a touristic structure offers its guests: hotel, beach, discoteque, internal restaurant or other events celebrated on the same day. Cala Dei Balcani differs from all other structures also for this aspect that could initially be underestimated but that makes a great difference for those who wish an exclusive reception e do not want to share spaces and services with complete strangers! Unlike the typical wedding venues that offer only an internal hall and an external area and that once you are entered reveal the setting in which the entire day will take place Cala dei Balcani offers countless prospectives and many different settings for the various moments of the wedding. An exclusive and singular structure that hides surprises behind each corner and that it does not stop to enchant and excite throughout all the event. A dynamic and involving reception that will certainly be able to differentiate itself from the usual cliché and remain memorable in everybody’s mind. An immersive experience in the nature of Salento, in the authenticity of the colours, scents and flavors of this wonderful land. Having an internal kitchen, with an experienced team, working to provide the highest quality service, starting from the choice of raw materials up to the plating, is essential to guarantee the success of your event and the satisfaction of your guests. Cala dei Balcani is the ideal choice for newlyweds who want: • An evocative and breathtaking setting capable of astonishing glances and hearts • A dynamic and fun-filled reception • A perfect and well-coordinated organization, which offers listening, assistance and many ideas to customize each detail An event like a wedding reception is, is not created to be a compromise, nor an experience that exhausts its emotional charge in a few minutes. The wedding venue is not just a “place” to welcome guests

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via belvedere 22 le, Santa Cesarea Terme, Puglia, Italy


Mob: 3349985447

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